SPIRITBOX - Diamond Package

SPIRITBOX - Diamond Package

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Join Courtney LaPlante (Vocalist of SPIRITBOX), Mike Stringer (Guitarist of SPIRITBOX) and David Puckett (Founder of Music Mentors Online & Drummer for We Came As Romans) for a special 3-day live webinar series happening September 25th-27th! During each day, Courtney & Mike will be going in to depth on a ton of subjects including Recording Techniques, Guitar Setup, How to Prepare for live Sessions, Tips on Vocal Care, Songwriting & Lyric Writing, How to Embrace the DIY Mentality for Success & TONS more!

Series Outline

Day 1: w/ Mike Stringer

  • Mike & Courtney's recording techniques for Guitar, Bass & Vocals and how they prepare them for mixing/mastering
  • The importance of string gauges & your overall setup
  • How to approach putting together a live session for touring
  • How to approach a live show as the singular guitar player
  • Mike's techniques for for using digital amps/DI and dialing a Kemper for live use

Day 2: w/ Courtney LaPlante

  • Vocal technique & how to keep your voice healthy
  • Switching back & forth from singing to screaming in a live setting
  • Courtney's approach to writing lyrics & melodies for Spiritbox
  • Breaking down Courtney's live gear setup for touring
  • Tips & tricks for performing in a studio setting vs. a live setting

Day 3: w/ Courtney & Mike

  • Embracing the DIY mentality & how to use it to your advantage in today's industry
  • The importance of choosing who you want to be on your team & when to have them on your team
  • What to look out for & avoid in the music industry in order to protect yourself/your band
  • How to remove ego & build a solid following
  • How to grow your band on a budget without sacrificing your quality of work

Each DIAMOND Registrant will receive:

  • Access to all 3 days of the webinar series livestreams (each webinar will be a minimum of 1 hour in length)
  • Recordings of the complete webinar series (can't make the livestreams? No worries! Enjoy lifetime access to the recordings)
  • A chance to have your favorite pizza sent to your house
  • A chance to win a rare physical copy of Spiritbox's "Singles Collection" EP (6) 
  • A chance to win a 1-on-1 guitar session with Mike
  • A chance to win a 1-on-1 vocal session with Courtney
  • 50% off Spiritbox's online merch store
  • One free webinar of your choice from MMO's recorded webinar catalogue (200+ hours of webinars!)
  • A 50% discount code to MMO'S online store
  • A chance to win the MMO Vocal Camp ($250 value)
  • A chance to win the MMO Guitar Camp ($250 value)