Dominate 2021 Workshop w/ Mike Mowery (Ice Nine Kills)

Dominate 2021 Workshop w/ Mike Mowery (Ice Nine Kills)

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Join Mike Mowery & Paul Phelps of Outerloop Coaching, along with David Puckett (Drummer of We Came As Romans & Founder of Music Mentors Online) for a FREE one day coaching event happening December 3rd! During this event, Mike & Paul will be coaching TONS of invaluable information straight from their experience as the team behind the explosion of Ice Nine Kills' Silver Scream.

During this webinar, Mike & Paul will be going over tons of topics, including:

Why is 2021 the best year to release new music in decades?

•What makes 2021 different than other years?

•Looking at the journey of Ice Nine Kills pre to post Silver Scream

The perfect strategy for releasing music in 2021

Don't miss this opportunity to set your music up to dominate in 2021!