Digital Marketing for Bands

Digital Marketing for Bands

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David Puckett (founder of Music Mentors Online, Hyperculture Marketing Group & drummer of We Came As Romans) guides us through a 5 hour course on how bands can use the power of digital marketing to cultivate a worldwide following without having to leave their home.

David owns Hyperculture Marketing Group, who handles all digital marketing & strategy for bands such as Motley Crue, Five Finger Death Punch, Ice Nine Kills, August Burns Red, Fit For A King, Hollywood Undead, Papa Roach + dozens more! 

If your band is trying to grow, this course is an absolute MUST! Whether you are just starting out, are an established local band, are touring regionally, or are signed & touring internationally, this course will walk you step by step on how to use digital marketing to grow your fan base in between playing shows.

Each day of this course has a different subject, and by the end of Day 3 you will be fully equipped to start running ads for your band, business, company or brand & build a worldwide following!


Day 1-
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Why Facebook?
  • ​What is the Facebook "audience network," and how it will get your music on thousands of websites
  • Stealth Targeting
  • Creating your ideal fan avatar
  • Strategies to target your ideal fans all around the world & get your music directly to them
  • Retargeting: What is it?
  • A Walkthrough of David Creating a real Ad for an upcoming We Came As Romans tour
Day 2-
  • What is a pixel code, and do I really need one? (no, but you'll want it!)
  • Generating & Embedding A Pixel Code
  • Creating Custom Audiences (both With & Without a Pixel Code)
  • Gathering the right kind of data to build your fan base
  • Objectives: clarify your goal & run ads to fill your band's needs! (ticket sales, music video views, more followers, etc)
  • Creating Lookalike Audiences
  • Ad Walkthrough for a Live Participant
Day 3-
  • Optimizing Your Ad: How to Not Waste Money & Get the Best Results
  • Looking at Trends & Learning to be Objective
  • Looking at your Relevance Score (are Your Ads Going to the Right People?)
  • Tips on Raising your Relevance Score
  • Split Testing; 2 Different Approaches
  • The Do's & Dont's of Facebook Marketing
  • Social Media Statistics
  • Digital Marketing Statistics
Day 4-
  • Aggregating Social Proof- the Best Ad "Hack" to Build a Massive Audience
  • Breaking Down the "Dynamic Creative" Feature in Facebook Ads Manager
  • How to Separate Your ENG (post engagement) & TR (traffic) Ads for Optimized Click Through Rates
  • David Walks Through Creating Localized Ads for WCAR Shows
  • Post-Tour Walkthrough & Explanation(Over 2,000 Tickets Sold Through Ads for $50 a Show)
  • Algorithm Updates Through November 2018
  • External Resources to Optimize Knowledge