Social Media Masterclass

Social Media Masterclass

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David Puckett (founder of Music Mentors Online, Hyperculture Marketing Group & drummer of We Came As Romans) guides us through a 3 hour course on how bands can optimize the use of social media & powerfully break into the music industry by getting ahead of the game!


If your band is trying to grow your social presence, this course is an absolute MUST! Whether you are just starting out, are an established local band, are touring regionally, or are signed & touring internationally, this course will walk you step by step on how to use social media to grow your fanbase, gain massive interaction rates & learn how to target your precise audience.


Each day of this course has a different subject, and by the end of Day 3 you will be fully equipped to push your social media presence & content to the next level & beyond!


  • Lifetime Updates!
  • Includes ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) Worksheet!

Day 1-

  • How do you run your social media accounts for real success?
  • Why to pay attention to every detail there is: the absolute necessity of branding, image & continuity in your band's social content
  • ​Approaching each social media platform for optimal use: what to do, where to do it & when to do it
  • The do's & the dont's of branding your band
  • Understanding online traffic- knowing what to do & when to do it
  • The secrets of the Facebook & Instagram algorithms
  • How to use social media algorithms & why they are the absolute best thing for your band if you know how to use them

Day 2-

  • How to develop a flow of organic growth over your socials (finding your ideal fans & getting massive conversions)
  • Breaking down your ICA (ideal customer avatar)
  • A Walkthrough of your ICA & how to develop & use it successfully (ICA Workbook Template included)
  • Intentionally targeting & engaging with your prospect fans
  • How to get people to your page & how to win them over as new fans
  • Optimizing your use of each social media platform

Day 3-

  • All about paid traffic (how to build a worldwide fanbase while your're sleeping!)
  • Why you need to start using Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads (an overview & case study)
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads Manager
  • Developing your own unique funneling system to convert fans & grow your fanbase massively
  • Monetizing your audience
  • Creating a print-on-demand merch store for your band (sell merch with no money down, no inventory & no shipping)