Matt Horn (of The Word Alive)

Matt Horn (of The Word Alive)

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Binge on more than 3 hours of Webinar Clinics with Matt Horn (Drummer of The Word Alive) & David Puckett (founder of Music Mentors Online & drummer of We Came As Romans) as they deconstruct How to Handle Life On the Road, Maintaining Physical Health, The Financial Realities of Touring, Drum Composition, Matt's Personal Writing Process, Home Recording Your Drums & more!

Each hour of this class is taken from a live 3 day clinic that Matt did through Music Mentors Online. Each day has a different subject;

  • Day 1 (1h08m)- All About Life on Tour;
    • Dealing With Life Constantly on the Road
    • Breaking Down the Realities of Being a Touring Musician in Today's Industry
    • The Importance of Maintaining Physical Health as a Drummer
    • Living Within Your Means: The Financial Reality of Being a Touring Musician

  • Day 2 (1h)- Drumming Composition;
    • Matt's Personal Drumming Techniques, Exercises & Warm Ups
    • The Art of Writing Drum Parts that Really Matter to a Song's Composition
    • Looking at Matt's Personal Writing Process
    • Building Your Unique Presence as a Drummer

  • Day 3 (1h05m)- Behind the Scenes of the Music Industry;
    • Matt's Personal Musical Journey: Behind the Scenes of a Massive Industry
    • How to Treat Your Band Like a Business & Why You Need to do it
    • Breaking Down How to Record Your Drums & Make Videos for Social Media
    • Marketing Yourself as a Drummer in an Oversaturated Industry