Dave Stephens (of We Came As Romans) [Series #2]
Dave Stephens (of We Came As Romans) [Series #2]
Dave Stephens (of We Came As Romans) [Series #2]
Dave Stephens (of We Came As Romans) [Series #2]

Dave Stephens (of We Came As Romans) [Series #2]

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Binge on more than 3 hours of Webinar Clinics with Dave Stephens (Vocalist of We Came As Romans) & David Puckett (founder of Music Mentors Online & drummer of We Came As Romans) as they deconstruct Dave's Personal Vocal Techniques & Exercises, Touring Vocal Routines, Nutrition On the Road, Avoiding Vocal Injury, Expanding Your Vocal Range, Touring Successfully & more!

Each hour of this class is taken from a live 3 day clinic that Dave did through Music Mentors Online. Each day has a different subject, & the course comes with a Money Back Guarantee!

  • Day 1 (1h08m)- The Importance of Vocal Care;
    • Dave's Personal Vocal Techniques, Exercises & Warm Ups
    • How to Prepare Yourself for Tour as a Lead Vocalist
    • Breaking Down Dave's Personal Vocal Practice Routines Preparing for Tour
    • The Absolute Necessity of Good Nutrition & Diet as a Touring Musician

  • Day 2 (1h09m)- Live Performance as a Vocalist;
    • Dave's Tips & Tricks for Avoiding Vocal Injury
    • Breaking Down the Fastest Way to Expand Your Vocal Range
    • How to Effectively Balance Singing & Screaming
    • Dave's Personal Vocal Stretches & Warm Ups Continued
    • What it Takes to Be a Great Frontman: Addressing the Crowd the Right Way

  • Day 3 (1h02m)- Finding Real Success in the Music Industry;
    • Beginning to Tour: Breaking Down the Specifics for Getting Your Band On the Road
    • How to Manage Life as a Touring Musician
    • Setting Up Your Band for Success: Networking in a Way That Lasts
    • Dave's Personal Musical Journey & Knowing What it Takes to Make it in Today's Music Industry
    • Extended Q&A with Dave

Dave goes over tons of subjects, including;

  • Dave's personal diets & tour routines that he uses to keep his voice in peak condition.
  • Dave's approach to conditioning his voice while not on tour.
  • Dave's pre-show vocal and breathing excerises & warm ups.
  • The do's and don'ts of drinks & diets on tour.
  • Dave's live performance tips & how to physically prepare your body to sing and scream.
  • Dave's mental preparation when it comes to playing on shows every night & being on tour.
  • Dealing with conflicts in the music industry the right way.
  • Dave's advice for combatting vocal issues by making small changes.
  • Dave's approach to successfully working with tour managers & promoters.
  • Approaching your first release as a band & the importance of good quality.
  • + Many More!

**if you aren't satisfied with the course within 3 days, email us with your order number for a full refund.