Matt Greiner (of August Burns Red)

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Binge on more than 3 hours of lessons from Matt Greiner (August Burns Red) & David Puckett (founder of Music Mentors Online & drummer of We Came As Romans) as they deconstruct Matt's personal approach to drumming, break down his favorite August Burns Red parts, get an inside view on how Matt developed his incredible speed & stamina, and so much more!

Each hour of this class is taken from a live 3 day clinic that Matt did through Music Mentors Online. Each day has a different subject, and the course comes with a Money Back Guarantee!

  • Day 1 (1h11m)- Double Bass & Blast Beats;
    • Matt's favorite Exercises, Warm Ups & Techniques
    • Fast Feet- Matt's Personal Approach to Developing Speed, Precision, Control & Stamina with Double Bass
    • Fast Hands- Matt's Approach to Blast Beats & Developing Speed, Precision, Control & Stamina with your Hands

  • Day 2 (1h15m)- Make It Musical;
    • Breaking Down Fast/Complex Fills
    • Different Fill Phrasings
    • Matt's Approach to Drum Composition
    • Writing the Right Parts for the Song: The Do's & Dont's
    • A Sneak Peak into Matt's View of Writing Parts for August Burns Red

  • Day 3 (1h06m)- Starting a Band: A Crash Course
    • Getting The Gigs: How to Book Shows at Any Level
    • Networking in the Music Industry: Do or Die!
    • Getting Your Band on Tour: What to Do, & What to Avoid
    • How to Stay on Tour (Getting There is Half the Battle!)
    • August Burns Red's Story: From Local Band in Rural Pennsylvania, to International Sensation!

Matt goes over tons of subjects, including;

  • What exercises & routines helped Matt develop speed, power & consistency behind the kit.
  • How August Burns Red took matters into their own hands when no labels were interested.
  • Matt's Approach to Learning Double Bass.
  • Matt's Favorite Double Bass Exercises & Techniques.
  • Matt's Approach on Blast Beats & Developing Speed with Hands.
  • Matt's Favorite Exercises, Warm Ups & Techniques.
  • Breaking Down Fast Fills.
  • Drum Composition & Writing the Right Parts.
  • Booking Shows for Your Band.
  • Networking in the Music Industry.
  • Getting Your Band on Tour.
  • + Many More!

Also comes with PDF Transcriptions of All of Matt's Exercises & Warm Ups!

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