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Guitar Camp

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We update The Guitar Camp every time a new Guitarist hosts a webinar- you can expect multiple updates a year.


3+ Hours w/ Mitch Stark (Silent Planet)⁣
2+ Hours w/ James Kennedy (Oceans Ate Alaska)⁣
3+ Hours w/ Stephen Rutishauser (Chelsea Grin)⁣
2+ Hours w/ Seth Blake (Wage War)⁣
2+ Hours w/ Tony Pizzuti & Zack Hansen (The Word Alive)⁣
2+ Hours w/ Taylor Lumley & Kam Bradbudy (Beartooth)⁣
3+ Hours w/ Kevin "Thrasher" Gruft (Escape The Fate)⁣
1+ Hours w/ Daniel Gailey (Phinehas)⁣
1+ Hours w/ Joshua Moore (We Came As Romans)⁣
1+ Hours w/ Cody Quistad (Wage War)⁣
1+ Hours w/ Dylan Bowman (I Prevail)⁣
2+ Hours w/ Ryan Siew (Polaris)⁣
2+ Hours w/ Aaron Marshall (Intervals)⁣
2+ Hours w/ Jesse Cash (Erra)


The course is divided into 3 parts that you can go through at your own pace. Each part ends with a Review & Goal Setting day in the FREE workbook!

Days 1-12; Guitar Techniques, Exercises, Warm Ups, Pre-show Routines & Rituals, The reality of Being a Touring Guitarist​ & Life on the Road

Day 13; Review & Goal Setting

Days 14-22; Song Writing & Composition, The Absolute Necessity of Song Structure, Working with Producers, Songwriting Hacks & More

Day 23; Review & Goal Setting

Days 24-28; Live Performance, Live Gear VS. Studio Gear, Touring 101 & More

Day 29; Review & Goal Setting 

Day 30; BONUS content w/ Nick Sampson of 37 Studios (Sound Engineer & Producer for bands including We Came As Romans, The Word Alive, Asking Alexandria & many more!)

If you aren't satisfied within 14 days, send us your workbook entries (included in purchase) & we will send you a full refund, no questions asked!


This Music Business Bootcamp highlights 5 days of coaching from some of the most elite artists in the modern music industry! Complete with it's own workbook, find 7 full days of coaching and goal setting taken directly from our Music Business Camp.